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Help for Procrastinators

I just came across a really good question on Mahalo’s Answers that was posted over a year ago.  The question was “What do you do to stop procrastinating?”

Great question, right?  I thought so too, especially for people who freelance or work from home.  My answer to the question is as follows:

1. The first thing you should do is create your own deadline for each assignment.
2. Express to your clients how important it is that they give you a deadline.
3. You definitely need to turn that mental list into a checklist. You can do this either by hand writing it on paper or type it up and print it out – checking off each item as you complete it.
4. Stick to it and when those “extremely important” distractions come up, finish those and get back to your checklist immediately. 

To view this question (in its entirety), and to read other really good answers to this question click on this link.

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